4 reasons why college dating looks so critical

College dating scene has changed. College students are continuously getting on and off relationships, having all the freedom to have sex with anyone, and moreover taking relationships very casually. Here are the reasons why college dating looks so critical.

Career-minded women

Women are increasingly becoming career-minded. The hookup culture is prominent. Women don’t like to enter relationships that may hamper their career. They enjoy casual sex but are afraid to get into any commitment.

Women’s behavior are becoming masculine

Women are becoming carefree; they are getting career-focused and very conscious about their independence. Guys should care less about the feminine aspect of women if they have to stay in a relationship. Those guys who look for the feminine sides of women find it difficult to date.

Digital dating

College people depend greatly on texts and social sites for dating. This has led to the resistance to communicating thoughts and emotions properly. They depend on digital media than having a face to face conversation.

The sexual identities

College students today are worried and confused about their sexuality. Some people are straight, whereas others are gay or bisexual. Nowadays, people are very open about their sexuality. This makes relationships critical. It’s not enough that a guy likes a girl. They need to find out about each other’s sexuality first before starting a relationship.

In many colleges, there is counseling available to help college students deal with dating and relationships. It’s always good to seek help when you have any trouble in the relationship.