5 things every college student should know about dating

College dating is something between high school crush and real world relationships. But college is also an important stage of your life. You should know the following things about college dating.

Never give up an opportunity for your partner

If you are in love and you think that the person is perfect for you, never give up an opportunity you get in college. It can be an internship, a part-time job at a good company, study abroad or other career-related opportunities. You will later regret skipping these opportunities.

Don’t loose friends for your partner

You shouldn’t spend all your time with the person you are dating. You should keep some time for your friends as well. You should remember that these friends will support you when you will have a bad time with your partner.

Experience the real world before getting engaged

You shouldn’t make big commitments like engagement when you are in college. You should first see the world and know different people, before committing to a serious relationship.

It’s hard to date someone who is not in the same year

Before dating someone who is junior or senior to you in college, you should consider how you will manage your relationship when one of you get out of college before the other. You will have a hard time scheduling your weekends or finding time to hang out with one another.

Be nice to your ex partner

In real world, when you break up with someone, you may never see the person again in your life. But in college, it’s a different story. You will see your ex partner often on campus. You shouldn’t ignore the person; instead approach nicely. If you are nervous, you can take a friend to walk with you if you know that there is a chance of seeing your ex.

You should learn these lessons about college before you make a terrible mistake. College is no joke; it will shape your life. You don’t want to regret missing something important about your career for someone you loved in college and now you are no more with the person.