Build Trust And Heal Your Relationship

If you are having relationship issues trust is crucial to fixing them. To have a healthy, happy relationship, both parties must feel safe and able to believe that their partner is being honest and forthright with them.

In psychology, trust is believing that the person who is trusted will do what is expected. It starts at the family and grows to others.

If you are having problems with trust in your relationship, there are some steps you can both take to restore trust and build a firmer foundation for your partnership. It may take time and repeated attempts, but if you follow these tips and stay the course, over time you can heal your damaged partnership and have the trusting, loving relationship you both want a deserve.

The first step to taking care of relationship issues is to be honest. Being honest means doing what you say you will do and not doing the things you say you will not do. For example, do not talk to or text exes if you have promised you have or will cut all ties to them. Do not go to places your partner feels uneasy about you visiting. If you say you are going to do something, do it. By staying true to your word and taking responsibility for your actions, your partner will learn to see you as trustworthy and dependable helping build their trust in you.

Secondly, be accountable. Being accountable for yourself means that you take responsibility for your actions and their consequences. When you take accountability, you understand you are responsible for yourself and your actions and you do not look for excuses and ways to blame others or circumstances when things do not please your partner.

Be an open book. For a relationship to work, both parties must be transparent. Tell your partner where you are going, who you are seeing and what you are doing when you are away. Telling them what is going on in your life will help eliminate questions, doubt and worry and strengthen the trust in your relationship.

Next, take time to talk openly about the things you want and need from your relationship. If you need more time together, need your partner to help around the house more, need extra help with the pets or children or have other needs, it is important to speak openly with your partner. You cannot expect your partner to read your mind and leaving these issues undisclosed can lead to tension and resentment. When you speak with your partner and share your feelings, they can step in and do what they need to do to make you feel heard and respected. Feeling heard, respected and understood will go a long way in building a trusting, honest relationship that allows both people to be and feel their best.

If you are facing relationship issues, work together to understand where the problems began and to talk about ways to fix them. Working together, you can form a lasting relationship that will allow both of you to be yourselves and to trust one another. With trust as the basis of your relationship, you can have the partnership you have always wanted.