Common Relationship Issues Money And The Root Of Discontent

Money, whether we like it or not, will always be one of the most important issues that couples in relationships have to face. Money is integral to survival in modern society and it is also an indication of ones capability to sustain a healthy and happy family, especially where children are involved. True, money cant buy you love but it holds enough power to affect your relationship for better or for worse. There are many factors that affect relationship issues money is just one of them but underestimating its power can mean the difference between a happy, successful relationship and an unsatisfactory, failing relationship. Overcome this common relationship issue and learn how to manage it successfully with these tips:

Be Honest. Whatever the financial situation may be, couples should be honest with one another, especially when it comes to their current financial situation. Nothing can dampen a relationship more than discovering a difficult truth, such as debts that are unknown to one partner or bills that turned out to be unnecessary expenses. After an assessment of the financial situation, a change in lifestyle and spending habits may be necessary. Adapting to a new lifestyle will be a lot easier if both couples understand why and agree to it together.

Accept and Understand Each Others Approach to Finances. In most relationships, one partner may be the spender while the other is the saver. There are advantages and disadvantages to both, something that both partners must be willing to work with. It is a good idea to work out money issues prior to getting into a committed relationship, such as moving in together or getting married. That way, money does not always have to be a sensitive topic in later years.

Work Out a Budget Together. A budget puts a measure of control over the spending and the saving in the household. Not only is this helpful for managing the cash flow in the house, it also helps couples who share income to avoid conflict. A budget helps set goals, so couples know how much goes where, when and why, while avoiding surprise (and often unnecessary) expenses. If any expense not included in the budget comes up, the couple can always discuss what to do with it, especially if it is a significant purchase.

Build Goals Together. Whether it is a new kitchen table, a new closet, a new bathroom or a new car, couples should always discuss money-related plans with each other. When they both have common goals, they have a clearer view of what they have to do and why, regardless of how much they have to sacrifice to get what they want. When couples create goals together, these plans become problem-solving exercises that help both partners work out strategies as one unit.

Communicate. Avoid hiding, skulking over and ignoring relationship issues money especially. Although stress levels are higher in couples who struggle financially, that does not automatically mean that their relationship is doomed. Even the most difficult financial challenges can be solved or overcome as long as couples communicate constructively, avoid criticism and come up with ideas and solutions.

Show Support. Couples who offer support and encouragement to each other are more likely to survive and overcome money issues in a relationship. Showing respect and appreciation helps immensely, and can provide the couple with emotional stability to overcome any money problem much more effectively.

Spice Up Your Marriage With Date Nights

Getting away from out of the ordinary tasks, such as taking care of the kids, doing household chores and coming home from work at the end of the day helps to keep that elusive spark alive in the relationship. Its easy to get in a rut and lose the sparkle of those early days in a relationship. Keeping the attraction fresh is essential for relationships to thrive and taking part in regular date nights is one of the easy ways that you can do that.

Looking for inspiration for your next date night? Check out these options to keep the heat in your relationship.

Get Into the Kitchen

Getting into the kitchen and cooking your favorite dish together is likely something that you already enjoy, but this time, get out of your comfort zone. Take part in a local cooking class and learn to cook something new while impressing your partners taste buds. Its the perfect time to connect with each other and learn new skills while youre at it.

Tour the Town

Take the weekend to get away from it all, in your own backyard. Go through the local tourist hot spots and act like youre from out of town. Chances are that youre going to discover something that you didnt expect like a great coffee shop, or experience in your own backyard at one of the tourist attractions that youve always overlooked. Making a weekend of it and staying at a hotel can help you to have the time to reconnect with one another, away from the kids, and renew the spark that comes from mornings spent eating leisurely breakfasts in bed.

Spice it Up

Are you looking for something adventurous? If youre ready to really spice things in up in the relationship you might want to consider visiting one of the adult shows that tour popular cities every year. During these shows youre going to be able to take part in workshops, see the latest products that can help to spice up life in the bedroom and even get a glimpse into new ways that you can increase the heat at-home. Plus, its always an entertaining night out but its not for the faint of heart.

A Week of Date Nights In

A Week of Date Nights In Couples that go to bed at the same time are proven to have more time to connect than couples that dont. For one week, head to bed at the same time and spend time together during the quiet hours of the night, reading, watching movies, playing games and talking.

There are lots of excuses for skipping date night, but making the relationship a priority and finding the time to carve out to spend time reconnecting is going to create a healthy and full relationship. Finding a babysitter and heading out for the evening, or having family members watch the kids for the weekend can be a great way to reconnect, especially for couples that have been neglecting the time spent together.

5 things every college student should know about dating

College dating is something between high school crush and real world relationships. But college is also an important stage of your life. You should know the following things about college dating.

Never give up an opportunity for your partner

If you are in love and you think that the person is perfect for you, never give up an opportunity you get in college. It can be an internship, a part-time job at a good company, study abroad or other career-related opportunities. You will later regret skipping these opportunities.

Don’t loose friends for your partner

You shouldn’t spend all your time with the person you are dating. You should keep some time for your friends as well. You should remember that these friends will support you when you will have a bad time with your partner.

Experience the real world before getting engaged

You shouldn’t make big commitments like engagement when you are in college. You should first see the world and know different people, before committing to a serious relationship.

It’s hard to date someone who is not in the same year

Before dating someone who is junior or senior to you in college, you should consider how you will manage your relationship when one of you get out of college before the other. You will have a hard time scheduling your weekends or finding time to hang out with one another.

Be nice to your ex partner

In real world, when you break up with someone, you may never see the person again in your life. But in college, it’s a different story. You will see your ex partner often on campus. You shouldn’t ignore the person; instead approach nicely. If you are nervous, you can take a friend to walk with you if you know that there is a chance of seeing your ex.

You should learn these lessons about college before you make a terrible mistake. College is no joke; it will shape your life. You don’t want to regret missing something important about your career for someone you loved in college and now you are no more with the person.

Top 5 tips for dating in college

College life is a thrilling journey. It’s the time when you walk out of your parent’s home and experience freedom. People get excited when they enter their college life. Dating in college is different. Here are five great tips for dating in college.

Start going to parties

If you don’t go to parties when you are in college, you will be missing out something great! It is a great place to hook up with friends and meet new people. It’s very easy to get a girl’s phone number when you are at a party.


If you are outgoing, then you must travel whenever you get a chance. This will give you the opportunity to meet foreign people. You will have a new experience, and you might even find true love.

Meet girls at the beach

You can take your dog to the beach. You will see women approaching you and asking about the dog. Your dog can be an excuse to talk to girls on the beach.

Take a class

You can take extra classes like acting class, photography class, etc. where you will meet lots of girls. These classes are very refreshing; you will learn a new skill and be able to approach girls easily as well.

Online dating sites

There are lots of online dating sites where you can find dates. All you need to do is write down your profile and upload your picture. You might find the right match through online dating sites.

In college, nobody cares about what you do. So, you should enjoy this freedom. But you should remember that you shouldn’t date too many girls just to have fun. You shouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.

4 reasons why college dating looks so critical

College dating scene has changed. College students are continuously getting on and off relationships, having all the freedom to have sex with anyone, and moreover taking relationships very casually. Here are the reasons why college dating looks so critical.

Career-minded women

Women are increasingly becoming career-minded. The hookup culture is prominent. Women don’t like to enter relationships that may hamper their career. They enjoy casual sex but are afraid to get into any commitment.

Women’s behavior are becoming masculine

Women are becoming carefree; they are getting career-focused and very conscious about their independence. Guys should care less about the feminine aspect of women if they have to stay in a relationship. Those guys who look for the feminine sides of women find it difficult to date.

Digital dating

College people depend greatly on texts and social sites for dating. This has led to the resistance to communicating thoughts and emotions properly. They depend on digital media than having a face to face conversation.

The sexual identities

College students today are worried and confused about their sexuality. Some people are straight, whereas others are gay or bisexual. Nowadays, people are very open about their sexuality. This makes relationships critical. It’s not enough that a guy likes a girl. They need to find out about each other’s sexuality first before starting a relationship.

In many colleges, there is counseling available to help college students deal with dating and relationships. It’s always good to seek help when you have any trouble in the relationship.