Top 5 tips for dating in college

College life is a thrilling journey. It’s the time when you walk out of your parent’s home and experience freedom. People get excited when they enter their college life. Dating in college is different. Here are five great tips for dating in college.

Start going to parties

If you don’t go to parties when you are in college, you will be missing out something great! It is a great place to hook up with friends and meet new people. It’s very easy to get a girl’s phone number when you are at a party.


If you are outgoing, then you must travel whenever you get a chance. This will give you the opportunity to meet foreign people. You will have a new experience, and you might even find true love.

Meet girls at the beach

You can take your dog to the beach. You will see women approaching you and asking about the dog. Your dog can be an excuse to talk to girls on the beach.

Take a class

You can take extra classes like acting class, photography class, etc. where you will meet lots of girls. These classes are very refreshing; you will learn a new skill and be able to approach girls easily as well.

Online dating sites

There are lots of online dating sites where you can find dates. All you need to do is write down your profile and upload your picture. You might find the right match through online dating sites.

In college, nobody cares about what you do. So, you should enjoy this freedom. But you should remember that you shouldn’t date too many girls just to have fun. You shouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings.